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3 Reasons Why Documenting Everything Makes You Wealthy

When I say ‘document everything‘, I mean keep good records. I mean track what you do in your business every day and study it. What did you learn from it that you can use to make life easier and better?

Do you know, whenever you post a picture, a video, or a string of words online, 2 things happen? You create content and you record how people engage with it.

But what does that have to do with content marketing and sales?

Let me tell you a story.

For as long as I can remember, I know how to fry eggs. At least, I thought I did. All I had to do was crack the egg open, pour the white and the yolk into a bowl, beat it, and set it aside. Next, I heat up oil in a frypan. Once it is hot enough to fry, I’ll empty the beaten egg into the pan and watch it fry.


A few months later, I fried eggs for my partner and me. As he was eating, he said, “I don’t know how my mother was able to make fried eggs so fluffy?

I thought about what he said. Is there a right way to fry eggs and if there is, am I doing it the wrong way? I decided to check online for tutorials on how to fry eggs the right way. I found so many resources but decided on a YouTube video that had the following steps

  • How to break an egg
  • How to beat an egg
  • What type of frypan to use
  • How much heat is needed to fry eggs
  • The time it will take and
  • What to do in between

It was at that point I realized there were some steps I was getting wrong and there were steps that I could be better at.

I watched a few more videos, recorded steps that were different and steps that were the same. Once I was done, I tried everything I learned whenever I had to fry eggs.

Here is another story.

I was looking for the best way to build a business online and I read it was possible to make money on Instagram or Twitter. I decided to learn how to use Instagram first. My plan was to post one piece of content every day, for 9 months. I was going to record what I did and how I did it, track my progress and share my results with everyone. The success of this experiment was being able to show others what I did and how I did it.

I wanted to show others how to look for content ideas.

I wanted to show them how to present the idea in a way that will connect with their target market.

And I did. I recorded everything I did. At the end of 9 months, I had found a simple way to build a business that makes money online.

All I did was record every single thing I did. But why am I telling you this?

It is because I know a lot of small business owners find it hard to understand how online marketing works. I struggled with it too.

This brings me to the first reason why documenting everything can make you wealthy.


There is no unique problem known to man.

There is no unique problem in business.

This means we would probably go through the same problem at a stage in business. There are people who have found ways to solve these problems. They were able to do this because they recorded what they did. Studied what gave them good results and did more of that and then stopped doing what was not working.

The Ultimate Sales Machine is a free training that shows you how to sell to your network. It also shows you how to create content that sells. During the training, I show you the exact same process I used that worked and I tell you why it worked.

You must also understand not everyone in your target market is not at the same place. What this means is the free training was the right solution for some people that attended the class. It was right for those who wanted a do-it-yourself solution.

They loved my content but were unwilling to pay for it and that is okay.

There were attendees who neither had the time nor energy to create the machine. They wanted me to either build it with them or do it FOR them. It was a service they were ready to pay for.  And this is the second reason why documenting everything you do in your business can make you wealthy.


When you learn to document what you do, it will help you track progress. It will allow you to analyze and gain insights that put you in a position to win.

At the start of most businesses, they are just looking to make sales. A lot of time they are not really worried about making a profit. They just want to sell. They want to know that there are people out there who want what they are selling.

Once they cross that hurdle, the next thing is to find ways to become more profitable. This is where the real work begins. I always say

“…Having a successful business is not luck, favor, or divine grace. It is hard work.

Documenting everything has more to do with how a business operates but it can be directly linked to sales. When you know what you’re doing right and you do more of it, you have a better chance at succeeding. When you know what you’re doing wrong and you stop doing it, you have a better chance of succeeding.

And this brings me to the final reason-number 3. Documenting everything puts you in a position to WIN! You can clearly see what happens when you do the right things and when you do the wrong ones.

Make it a habit to document all that you do in your business. Even if that’s the only thing you do, do it and watch yourself build a more successful business.

Do you still find it hard to sell your products or services?

Does it feel like no one wants to buy what you’re selling?

If this is you, then you should attend my FREE training. Learn how to build a sales machine for your business that does the selling for you, even while you sleep!

6 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why Documenting Everything Makes You Wealthy

  1. Interesting how this could also be applied to life outside business, giving one the opportunity to learnt from one’s past experience and not just relying on a memory that might not be so great.

  2. Thank you Tope for these although have not fully listen to nor read every of your training on Telegram but i will definitely find perfect time to go through them ?

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