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Why You Need to Use Content to Sell

To sell anything to anyone, you need to get them to believe you.

To get them to believe you, you need to get them to want to know more about you.

To get them to want to know more about you, you need to talk with them. You need to hang out with them. You must get to know them too!

To get them to talk and hang out with you, you need to get them to notice you.

So how do you get them to notice you?

Research and study about them. Find out the topics or issues they are interested in. Talk about it consistently and give an opinion. Simply put, you are creating content.

“When can I tell them about the topics I want to talk about?”

Never! Focus on their interest. Do this long enough and they will be dying to know more about you.

Once they want to know more about you, it means you now have their attention.

Every business in this day and age knows that getting the attention of the type of people you want to sell to, is the first stage you need to pass if you want to successfully sell anything to anyone. 

Useful content grabs attention. It sells you, your company, or your idea to your target market. Content gets your audience ready to listen to the offer you want to present. 

And if done right, the content will get them to see your product or service as the solution to their problem. It can even get them to accept your price point, no matter how high or low.

Content does the selling for you. This is why every business should create content.

Once you have that attention, present your offer, that is, your product or service.

Now that you know why every business should create content, how do you create content?

Let’s begin with the end in mind.

What are you selling and who are the people you think are most likely to buy?

It’s very easy to think you know the answer to this question but in sales and marketing, I always say avoid ‘guesswork’ as much as you can.

This is how I was able to determine who my target market is.

I created the “2 Step Instant Message Sales” template because I wanted to help businesses get sales fast. I was so sure every business would buy it because no business can do without sales.

Every time I felt I was going to make a lot of sales, selling with the Instant Message Sales Template, I kept hearing a voice say, “what if they don’t buy?”

We do not live in a perfect world. You cannot sell to everyone. There are people who will not like your product or service. There are people who will. I made it my duty to find out those that will.

I remembered what a marketing legend said. He said, “It is important you research and study the people you want to sell to because if you don’t understand them, you cannot sell to them.” 

The only way I would understand business owners is if I;

 1. Ask them questions about sales. I interviewed 30 business owners.

 2. Ask them for feedback. 50% of them told me what to do to make the product better. FYI, I gave the product to them at a 70% discount.

From the response, I received, I understood what a day in the life of a business owner looks like. I got to understand what keeps them awake at night, who and what makes them afraid, and what they secretly wish for. I understood better why they say some of the things they say.

I noted words they used and how they used it.

But the most interesting part about conducting the interviews was that I found out a number of topics they were interested in.

The interview gave me a lot of content ideas.

Do you know that when you put out the right content, you are making it easy for the people you want to sell to find and connect with you?

I also realized that businesses with little or no budget will be more willing to buy the “2 Step Instant Message Sales” template, than businesses who have one. I finally found my real target market. I used these facts to work again on my sales process and message.

I use the days of the week to structure how often I make content. This is how I did it.

Mondays are for quotes. Tuesdays are for tips, Wednesdays, jokes, Thursdays are for promoting your offer, and Fridays you ask questions.

The structure is to make sure that the content I make, tells my target market:

– who I am and what I am about,

– why anyone should do business with me,

– Who can use the product or service.

Creating the right type of content for the people you want to sell to, is just one of the three sale processes I teach in the free training I host every Friday. When you attend, I will also send you a free sales diagram and show you how the process works.

This process can be used in your business too! Write down the type of people your product or service can help. Interview them, study what they say and how they say it. Use what you learn in your marketing message. Use it to create useful content and you will SELL!

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